Driving Rules for New Operators: Part II

When I left off last time, I had covered the first five rules for new drivers operating one of my cars. Today includes the next five rules.

We made our boys read these aloud at dinner. We made sure they understood all of the information. We made sure they knew the consequences of breaking one of the rules long before they had the opportunity to break one. In the event there was a deviation or they came close to a violation, it was time to re-read the entire list at the dinner table. (I do think the youngest understood the rules years before he even registered for his permit. From listening to the rules being repeated time and time again.)

 The next five rules are as follows…


You may NEVER use the cell phone for ANY reason while driving. If you must use the phone, pull off the road to do so. (This is a good rule for young and old drivers alike.)



The use of drugs or alcohol ANYWHERE will result in the immediate revocation of your license. (See #3 for the commensurate penalty.) If you EVER find yourself in a position where you have used these, you MUST call us to come and get you. There will be NO questions asked and this will show us that our trust in you is NOT misplaced.



When you are a passenger in some else’s car, you will not be a distraction.



You may NEVER be in a car where there are more occupants than seatbelts. You must also follow rule #8 and make sure that other passengers are not a distraction.



Use your head. Pay attention. Driving is not easy. You cannot control the other operators.


 A complete list? Probably not. A good start? Absolutely.