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Phone A Friend: Lauren Coy

Posted on June 23, 2017 by Taylor Payne

Frees Insurance is happy to introduce “Phone A Friend.” This series highlights friends and leaders of the Phoenixville community. Our phones have become part of our identities, so we got an inside look as to how these people utilize their phones in and out of the office.
Lauren Coy is the Director of Development for the Phoenixville Public Library. Most recently, she played an instrumental…

Students Home for the Summer

Posted on May 24, 2017 by Taylor Payne

The middle of summer presents the challenge of trying to cut grass in between rain storms and it also means it is time to deal with college students moving home from school. Sentinel changes like this are always a reason to stop and consider whether there are any changes needed for your car or home insurance. On the home insurance, there is always the concern…

Thinking About Driving For Uber?

Posted on May 2, 2017 by Taylor Payne

Flexible hours and a “guaranteed” first month’s pay of $5000?! It seems too good to be true. It is. Don’t get me wrong, I am huge fan of Uber. I regularly use the taxi service in New York CIty, Washington DC, and even West Chester, PA.

For those of you who have yet to hear of Uber, it is essentially a taxi service…

Insurance vs. Warranty: Pt. II

Posted on April 24, 2017 by Taylor Payne

Homeowners Insurance: Uncovered
My grandfather used to tell me that words are very powerful “You could tell someone that their beauty is timeless and they could hear you say that their face could stop a clock.” We seem to pay less attention to words now more than ever. Insurance, though, is a contract. This contract describes in very precise terms when “perils” are and when…

Water My Coverage Options?

Posted on April 6, 2017 by Taylor Payne

Homeowners Insurance: Uncovered
Water, Water, Everywhere. One of the biggest questions we face in the insurance industry is coverage for water. Unfortunately, the standard homeowners policy provides very limited coverage for water. I will take some time to explain the different sources for water damage and then provide some options to broaden your coverage. Your homeowners policy will never provide coverage for flood water. A…

Who Pays The Medical Bills?

Posted on March 16, 2017 by Taylor Payne

Auto Insurance: Uncovered
How do medical bills related to an “auto accident” get paid?

We deal with some very strange concepts in insurance. One of the more peculiar issues with which we deal is the issue of “No Fault” medical expense coverage. In 1974, Pennsylvania began to require automobile insurance coverage. At that time, they devised a system to ensure that your medical bills would…

Exterior Plumbing: Is It Covered?

Posted on March 6, 2017 by Taylor Payne

Homeowners Insurance: Uncovered
Property insurance coverage can be purchased to include protection from all sorts of things. It is possible to buy coverage against just fire and wind. It is possible to secure coverage called “special form” protection. This “special form” coverage affords the broadest coverage available. There are somethings that will, however, NEVER be covered. Today’s example of one of those? Plumbing OUTSIDE…

Roadside Assistance vs AAA

Posted on March 2, 2017 by Taylor Payne

roadside assistance

Many of our clients ask whether they should purchase AAA or go with their auto insurance provider’s roadside assistance program. Many insurance companies including Travelers and Progressive offer affordable roadside programs, and they often cost much less money for nearly identical benefits. Both AAA and insurance company roadside assistance programs offer the following…

Towing or Flatbed services
Winching (for when a vehicle is off…

Protected From Flood? Probably Not!

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Taylor Payne

flood, flood insurance

Homeowners Insurance: Uncovered

The National Flood Insurance Program has established a legal definition for a flood as follows: A flood is a general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow. 
Flooding occurs in EVERY state! Many people find out too late that they are at risk for flooding, and…

Rental Cars and Your Auto Insurance

Posted on February 15, 2017 by Taylor Payne

Auto Insurance: Uncovered
We spend a significant amount of time advising our clients about what insurance will do for them. We think it is equally important that we advise them of some of the basic areas where insurance will never respond. The past blog dealt with issues not covered by home insurance. Today, I want to spend some time on two issues that are not…