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Do you own a business? If you do, our staff can coordinate all of your insurance coverage to be certain that your family, your business, and your employees have peace of mind.

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You are doing WAY more that I ever expected from an Insurance Agent! Thank you for your help.

Jonathan from Exton, PA

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Online Safety & Protecting Passwords

One capital letter. One lower case letter. One “special” character and a number. Does all of that sound too familiar? Anyone with one-line access has had to create a unique user name and password for everything from Facebook to on-line banking. Keeping track of all of these is becoming increasingly harder, especially when some sites require that you constantly change the password. Making…


Space Heater Safety Tips

As a volunteer firefighter and insurance agent, I am not a huge fan of space heaters. Used improperly, there is a high likelihood of a malfunction and fire. We have banned space heaters from our office. We recommend that you do the same in both your home and office. If you do plan to use a space heater, we have compiled a list of important…

Did You Know?

You can insure just about anything. This video explains Liability Umbrella insurance.

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