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Insurance vs. Warranty: Pt. II

Homeowners Insurance: Uncovered
My grandfather used to tell me that words are very powerful “You could tell someone that their beauty is timeless and they could hear you say that their face could stop a clock.” We seem to pay less attention to words now more than ever. Insurance, though, is a contract. This contract describes in very precise terms when “perils” are and when…


Water My Coverage Options?

Homeowners Insurance: Uncovered
Water, Water, Everywhere. One of the biggest questions we face in the insurance industry is coverage for water. Unfortunately, the standard homeowners policy provides very limited coverage for water. I will take some time to explain the different sources for water damage and then provide some options to broaden your coverage. Your homeowners policy will never provide coverage for flood water. A…

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You can insure just about anything. This video explains Liability Umbrella insurance.

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