Have a 16 Year Old Getting Ready to Drive?

One of the challenges that all parents face is teaching their 16 year old to drive. What makes this even more challenging? Impatient motorists. We have all been there. You are late, trying to get someplace, and the car in front of you at the stop sign is letting all of the other cars go. It is hard to tell if the driver of that car is simply learning how to drive.

A solution? Frees Insurance is offering, to our customers, a magnetic and reflective bumper sticker to place on the rear of the car. Since it is magnetic, the sticker can be moved from car to car. This lets other drivers know that you are teaching a new driver and hopefully the other drivers will be more patient.

Do we want it back? No. Keep it for your next young driver or share it with a friend. If your insurance professional doesn’t provide these, maybe you need a new insurance professional.

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