Renters Insurance

It is a common misconception that people who rent their home or apartment don't need any insurance; however, renters insurance provides two very important and necessary coverages. The two most important parts of a renters policy are contents coverage and liability protection.

Learn more about the different coverages that make up a renters policy below.

Policy Coverages

Personal property coverage is for all of the contents within your home such as furniture, clothing, housewares, etc. 
We always encourage our clients to take photo or video inventories of their residence to help account for items in the event of a loss. 

Liability coverage protects you for any injury or property damage you or a household family member has unintentionally caused. This covers you worldwide and is not limited to just at your residence.  For example, you accidentally trip someone while walking down the sidewalk.

This is a very important coverage for asset protection. Additional liability protection can be purchased with an umbrella policy

This is a goodwill offering that helps pay any medical bills for injuries you or a family member has caused to someone.

In the event you can no longer live in your apartment due to a claim, this coverage pays to put you in similar housing and for any other additional living expenses incurred. 

Additional Endorsements

If you become a victim of identity theft, this coverage will help cover expenses to restore your identity.
Provides additional protection for your personal property by broadening covered perils (including power surge).
The standard homeowners policy does not provide liability protection for incidents that take place while conducting business on the premises (Etsy, piano lessons, consulting, etc.).

There are often policy limitations for valuable items such as jewelry. If you have any items of  value, they can be insured on their own.

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