Driving Rules for New Operators: Part I

When our boys started to drive, I created Robb’s 10 Rules for Vehicle Use and Driving. These were to be the guiding principles for our boys as the climbed behind the wheel. I have shared them with many clients as their children have come of age.  Hopefully, some of these are helpful to each new reader. The information read as follows…

Driving is a privilege. This means that the following riles are absolute and non-negotiable for now. Failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of driving privileges, the severity of which will be directly proportional to the extent of the transgression. Experience and your improvement as a driver will allow these rules to be modified with the passage of time.
Since driving is a privilege, your continued ability to drive will be at your sole discretion. We, as parents, may surrender your license at ANYTIME for ANY reason we feel is appropriate.



The predetermined arrival time at home is IMPERATIVE. This means that you need to leave wherever you are in sufficient time to be home at the pre-appointed hour.


Until otherwise indicated, you will call when you are leaving. Failure to do so will not only result in the loss of driving privileges, but also of the phone that you use.



You may NOT have anyone else in the car unless we approve of it before hand. (If you are in an accident and there is someone else in the car that we did not know about, it will result in your license being returned to the state until you are 18 and at that time you will be responsible for the cost of a car and the cost of car insurance.)



If you are in an accident, you must stay at the scene. Please stay calm, call us immediately, take pictures of the cars if you must move the car and exchange information. Do NOT admit to anything and call the police. IF you hit a parked car in a parking lot and cannot locate the owner or driver by going into wherever you are, you must leave a note. Tell someone what occurred and that you are leaving a note if possible.



You are responsible for gas in the car. We are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle. You must keep track of the mileage and advise us every 3000 miles so the oil can be changed. In exchange for this, you will conduct whatever errands we need you to do.


There is more to come…

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