How much is enough?

Let’s all try and think of warmer weather. Dogs are barking; kids jumping on the trampoline; neighbors all gathered around the grill and swimming in the pool. These can all be aspect of your homeowner’s liability. Your homeowner’s policy covers 3 main aspects of the home – your personal belongings, the physical building itself, and liability coverage. The personal liability coverage within your homeowner’s policy provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage sustained by others for which you or your family members are legally responsible. Whether your neighbor falls down your stairs on  the back deck during a barbeque or your son’s homerun wiffleball hit smashes through a neighbor’s window and breaks an expensive vase, your homeowner’s liability coverages protects you from these potential liability exposures.

While not everything is covered, it is important to understand this coverage and whether or not you carry enough. If you are a single man or woman living alone, with no dogs or kids, on a secluded piece of land, then $300,000 of coverage may be enough. For most everyone else, especially in today’s litigious society, we recommend carrying as much liability coverage as you can afford. That next door neighbor may not be so friendly when they fall down your back steps and sue you for their injuries. We are in no means implying that you should be a hermit and never leave the house again. Just be sure that you have enough liability coverage in case something was to go wrong. If you were sued for $1 million how much would you want your insurance company to pay?

Now back to that regularly scheduled dreary and cold winter weather….