Something is just not right.

Something is just not right.

Despite the calendar now indicating it is March, Old Man Winter has yet to release us from his icy grip. Clearing the snow from the walk reduces the probability of a liability claim, but the freezing weather can still cause insurance problems. Earlier this year, we sent out a letter to all of our clients reminding them to locate and tag their water shut off. Once pipes freeze and the water starts flowing, knowing where to shut off the water is vital, but what if the pipe is still frozen and has not started leaking? How do you know that you have the problem?

According to Property and casualty 360, there are 5 signs that something may be wrong. These can include the following:

Unusual  sounds. Frozen pipes can make a bubbling noise.

Odors. “… if drains sinks and other areas have strong odor… it can be the sign that there is a backup or broken pipe.”

Damp drywall. The sign that the water is already leaking

Persistent plumbing issues. Problems, particularly with drains, may indicate an issue

Visibly wet or iced pipes. This is a sure sign that there is trouble.

Coverage questions? Please call us. Need a tag for your water meter? We would be happy to mail you one. Just email me at robb.frees@freesinsurance with your name and mailing address.

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