One of the nice things about traffic…

…is that you get to listen to KYW and in 22 minutes “We give you the world.” During the drive home from the office the other day, there was a report about renters insurance. This is the coverage they people should buy to protect their belongings and provide personal liability coverage. The report stated that there are 80 million renters in the United States, but fewer than 50 million buy the coverage.

 The landlord’s policy NEVER provides coverage for the tenant’s personal possessions. Renters insurance can provide this vital coverage. Without renters coverage, there is no protection if you are sued for damage to the building, your dog bites someone, or you hit them in the head with a golf ball. Again renters insurance provides this very important protection.

The best part? Renters insurance is CHEAP. In most instances, minimum policy premiums run about $125.00 annually. Place the coverage with the same insurance company as your car insurance and you may offset some of the cost with the multi-policy discount.

So, while the traffic isn’t getting any better any time soon, the weather is improving. Soon we will be cutting grass instead of shoveling snow and we will be complaining about the heat rather than the cold.