What's Your New Years Resolution?

Happy New Year! Many of us are thinking about our resolutions for the new year. As you think of your goals and aspirations, it’s important to consider your insurance and make sure it is ready for the upcoming year.  Many of us set goals for our physical health; however, it’s important to also evaluate your financial health. A major part of this is revisiting your insurance and how it suits your needs.

A lot can change in a year. Have you remodeled your kitchen? Finally gotten around to renovating the bathroom that you kept putting off? Maybe you finished the basement during COVID for a little more space. All of these changes could affect your homeowners insurance and the amount of coverage needed.

If you purchased an e-bike to help you get into tip-top shape, there are serious liability limitations for these. We should discuss this immediately.

Now is also a good time to think about life and disability insurance. This helps ensure your loved ones will be taken care of in the event something happens to you. If you already have life insurance, now is a good time to review your beneficiaries and make sure they are still accurate.

We wish you the best in the New Year and we are here to make sure you are appropriately protected in the year ahead. If you would like to review your current insurance and make sure it fits you and your family’s needs, please reach out.