Water My Coverage Options?

We have certainly dealt with our fair share of rain this summer. Long range forecasts predict continued bad weather on top of the torrential rains we have experienced.  Frees Insurance wants to make you aware of a potential gap in coverage on your home insurance policy. While your policy provides protection for water damage from a broken pipe, you may not currently have any coverage for the backup of sewer, drain, or failure of a sump pump.

Water is our biggest headache. The one time we know your home policy never provides coverage is in the event of “flooding.”  Flooding is defined as the “overflow of a body of water.” This means if a creek, pond, river, or even stream overflows and causes damage, there is no coverage. Homeowners policies never provide coverage for damage caused by flooding or ground water. As soon as water touches the ground, there is NO coverage and you cannot buy coverage for the damage.

While ground water or flooding is never covered, you can buy coverage for the backup of a drain or sewer, or if your sump pump overflows. The weather incidents that have occurred in the last few weeks have created many coverage issues. Some of these issues could be solved by adding this coverage to your policy. Coverage can be added for as little as $40 for $5,000 of protection. Have a finished basement? You will probably need more coverage.

In the meantime, we strongly suggest you consider a sump pump. Storing contents in plastic bins and on shelves will also help protect your belongings. While adding backup of water and sewer coverage may provide coverage in the event of a flooded basement, it is not a guarantee. Please protect your belongings and call us to review the cost to add this coverage to your policy.