Happy Halloween!

Its that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors. The air is getting cooler. There is the scent of pumpkin spice coming from every coffee shop and bakery. Halloween is right around the corner. The Halloween parade was in Phoenixville this past weekend but you haven’t missed Pumpkin Fest! Check it out this Saturday, October 29th in Phoenixville (http://www.phoenixvillepumpkinfest.com/ ). There are plenty of contests, live music, games, and crafts for the whole family.

Halloween is on a Monday night this year so youngsters will be out early looking for treats. Make sure you keep your house and walkways well lit so everyone can see. Be sure to get enough candy for everyone!

This year, there is a new program spondored by the Food Allergry Research and Education Organization. By putting a teal painted pumpkin out, treat-or-treaters know that you have non-food treats available for those with allergies. Some great options are glow bracelets. Kids love them and parents are appreciative as they help make kids more visible at night. Check out the website to learn more and support the cause to make Halloween more inclusive! Teal Pumkpin Project