Labor Day


Since 1894, Americans have enjoyed a day to stop and reflect on the achievements and contributions by the American worker to the strength, prosperity and wellbeing of the nation. What better way to celebrate all of the wonderful accomplishments than a day off from laboring.

Not all that long ago, the work week consisted on more than 12 hours a day and certainly for more than five days a week. Today? According to the Washington Post, the average work week for salaried employees is 47 hours. The average farmer worked more than 10 hours a day according to 2013 statistics. Who works the longest work day? Mothers and Fathers. (Fortunately, they have their own day of dedication.)

But Labor Day isn’t about the time spent on the job, but the results from our hard work. We enjoy a tremendous quality of life here in the United States. Let us not forget how truly great this country is. God Bless America on Labor Day, on July 4th, and on every other day of the year.

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