Tree Removal

Tree removal is always a point of contention among homeowners with their insurance companies. These issues usually come up after a storm when trees have fallen in people’s yards. Most insurance companies will not pay if a tree falls over in your yard and does not hit anything. In most cases, the only time an insurance company will pay for tree removal is if it hits your house, hits some other insured structure (shed, fence), or blocks your driveway / handicap ramp.

Insurance companies are only concerned with structures, fences, and driveways, not trees or your yard. If it just falls and hits another tree or your yard, they will not pay to remove the tree. Even if the tree does hit a covered building, there are usually limitations for the amount of coverage for removal. This amount is typically only $500 to $1000 per tree, with a per policy limit of 2 trees per claim.

For those who have had trees removed, $500 to $1000 is rarely enough. If there are trees close enough to fall on your house, please make sure they are well maintained and trimmed or just have them removed in advance. 

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