COVID-19: Dude, Where's My Car?

We’ve all seen the photos of the lack of smog and pollution over Los Angeles since the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home orders were put in place. Those who have quarantined may not have driven anywhere except the grocery store, if you even did that. So, what does all of this mean for your car and your car insurance? Most insurance carriers are providing monthly refunds since people are not driving. These have typically been issued for April and May with carriers reviewing this for any additional credits that may be issued because of the lock-down orders. What else should you be doing?

For some, you continue to drive to and from work without any changes. You are experiencing less traffic on the road and less congestion. (I grew up and learned to drive around here in 1976. Traffic levels now are similar to what I remember all those many years ago.) For some, you may be driving more. Healthcare workers, people in the medical fields, and others are working more to help protect us, keep us fed, and make sure we remain safe. (A big thank you to all of you.) Others may not be driving at all. Does any of this matter? Be sure to call your insurance professional to review all options on your coverage to see if you can make any additional cost saving changes, especially if you are no longer commuting.

Don’t have an insurance professional? Give us a call at 610-933-4950. Be safe. Stay healthy.