Insurance & COVID-19: Family Moving Home

A long time ago, Lisa and I had a son that lived at home. He graduated from college, got a job, moved out and recently got married. He and his wife recently returned to our house as a refuge from living in New York City. What we experienced is happening all over the country as people attempt to deal with all of the changes brought about by the pandemic. Why am I writing about this? It has to do with understanding how insurance policies react and provide protection. Why does this matter? Because you want to make sure that you talk with your insurance professional about what, If ANY changes, may be necessary for you. It is also important for anyone who has moved out of their home, apartment, or living space to understand how their coverage might be affected by these COVID changes.

Home insurance policies have some very broad definitions of who is “an insured.” You want to make sure that your policy contains language that protects family members and make any necessary coverage adjustments for people you may be housing who are not family members. If you have moved out of your apartment or house to live someplace else, you want to make sure that there are not any limitations for coverage extensions to wherever you are or coverage exclusions if your home is vacant or simply unoccupied.

Be sure to review any changes that occur with your insurance professional. Don’t have an insurance professional? Call us at 610-933-4950. Thanks and stay safe and healthy.