Premium Payment Options

Paying your bills has never been easier. You used to have to check the mail, write a check, and mail the envelope back, always hoping the post office didn’t lose your payment. Almost every company has made it easier, faster, and safer to pay your bills. Insurance companies are no different. They know your time is valuable and provide many options for paying your bills. You can now pay your bill either monthly or in full, via credit card, debit card, or automatic withdrawals. The best part is your insurance rates can go down if you opt for recurring payments! Here are a few additional benefits for opting for automatic payments:

  • No Worries – You can relax knowing your bill is paid — and paid on time — even when you’re away on vacation, traveling on business or simply too busy.
  • No Paperwork – No bills to handle, no checks to write (and no stamps to buy)!
  • Credit Card points – Insurance companies do not have a fee to use your preferred credit card so make sure to use your rewards credit card to reap additional benefits!
  • Choice & Convenience – Customers choose the payment date that best meets their needs and budget.
  • Reduced Service Charge – Compared to paying monthly premiums by check, customers can save money with a reduced monthly service charge.
  • Easy to Get Started – Enrollment is quick and easy through your online portal or our office! Just log in to your online account or give us a call!