Never Assume

As 2019 quickly comes to a close, we thought it would be good to revisit this year’s annual insurance review letter. The points addressed in the letter remain just as important as they were when we wrote this. Please come to us with any questions as we are happy to answer them before any issues arise.

Never Assume. (We all know what happens when we do…)

The insurance world is dynamic. Your life is dynamic. It is vital that you understand what coverage is available and how your coverage works. The purpose of this review is to let you know what you have and what is available. We ask that you review this and let us know what is changing in your life.

  • Never assume that there is coverage for renting a car while on vacation. Going on vacation and renting a car? Contact us to discuss the potentially uninsured exposures.
  • Never assume that the car dealer called to tell us you got a new car. Getting a new car? There are many new coverages that are available including Loan Gap and Replacement coverage we need to review.
  • Never assume your home or auto policy covers everything. For example, there are significant coverage exclusions for flood and surface water. You cannot even buy coverage for some exposures.
  • Never assume that your Uber, Lyft, VRBO, or Airbnb is covered. Do you earn money in the “sharing” economy? Call us to discuss the huge gaps in your protection.
  • Never assume your newly finished basement is protected if the sump pump fails. Renovating any aspect of your home should prompt a call to us to review the possible coverage change.
  • Never assume the level of liability protection on your home or car policy will give you enough protection in a serious loss. Have you spoken with us about an umbrella?
  • Never assume that your hair stylist, neighbor, plumber, butcher, or dentist know more about your insurance than we do. Call us if you have questions about what protection you have or what you need.
  • Never assume that your engagement ring and jewelry are properly insured. Homeowners insurance affords VERY little coverage for stolen jewelry and NONE for broken jewelry.

Thanks for taking the time to review all of this. Hopefully, it provides you with a better understanding of your
protection. We appreciate your business.