Crime Prevention Month: Home Safety

Every 13 seconds, a burglary occurs somewhere in the U.S., adding up to approximately 2.5 million burglaries each year, according to Two-thirds of those crimes are home break-ins, and if it were not for home security systems, that figure could be significantly higher — a study from UNC Charlotte found that 83% of convicted burglars said they checked for an alarm system before attempting a break-in, and 60% said they would change their mind if a system was found.

October is Crime Prevention Month, making it the perfect time for homeowners to evaluate their homes’ security and amp up measures. Here are six tips on how to keep homes safe and prevent a break-in:

  1. Change Locks: When moving into a new home, change the locks on all exterior doors.
  2. Use Alarm Systems: A home is three times more likely to be broken into if it doesn’t have an alarm system, says Alarm and security systems are a powerful deterrent against criminals, and many can even notify law enforcement in the event of a break-in.
  3. Keep A Clean Yard: Overgrown trees, brushes and hedges can be an ideal hiding spot for intruders. Keep shrubbery trimmed and maintained to avoid having anyone take advantage of unkempt landscaping.
  4. Don’t Advertise An Absence: An empty home is an easy target for a burglar. Adding timers to interior lights to give the impression someone is home can put off criminals. Also, when leaving on vacation, ask a neighbor to collect mail and/or newspapers and avoid posting plans publicly on social media.
  5. Keep Doors & Windows Locked: Although this might seem like an obvious tip, making sure all entryways are locked and secure is one the easiest ways to prevent a crime. This includes using a dowel or small plank of wood to prevent sliding doors from being opened from the outside.
  6. Install Motion Sensors: Flood lights connected to motion sensors can be enough to scare away potential criminals, as most won’t risk getting caught if they believe they can be seen.

Original article can be found here. Many insurance companies offer discounts for home security systems. If you have one, or are interested in learning about the associated savings, please contact us.