Thunderstorm Preparedness

This has certainly been a tempestuous weather month. Super-hot. Thunderstorms containing torrential downpours and crazy lightning. According to the National Weather Service severe thunderstorms can contains winds in excess of 58 MPG and large hail. Is there any way to deal with one of Mother Nature’s most severe outburst of energy? It is important to understand the difference between a Watch and a Warning. The Watch is a notice to be prepared. This means that thunderstorms are possible. The Warning? This is time to take action. Warnings indicate imminent danger from a severe storm.

So, what does it mean to take action? Sign up for notifications. This will give you as much advanced notice of impending weather as possible. Travelers Insurance offers a weather notification on their website, Have a plan if you get a warning. This means to make sure that everyone knows where to go. If you are at home, get to the lowest level of the home or an interior room. (It is flying debris and broken windows that can cause injury.) If you are at work, have a safe place to meet. This would also be an interior room or the basement. Just like with fire drills, you should also practice your plan.

At home, trim trees back from the house. If time permits, secure loose items, and move valuable items inside or under cover.

For more information, please see the full site provided by the NWS at