Students Home for the Summer

The middle of summer presents the challenge of trying to cut grass in between rain storms and it also means it is time to deal with college students moving home from school. Sentinel changes like this are always a reason to stop and consider whether there are any changes needed for your car or home insurance. On the home insurance, there is always the concern about whether we should review the amount of personal belongings in the house. The extra computers, TV’s, and clothing warrant a glance at whether you have sufficient protection. It is important to review the liability coverage and the potential exposure of over-serving alcohol or serving under-age drinkers.

On the automobile insurance side of protection, it is important to remember that delivery for money, i.e. pizza delivery, Uber, and Lyft are NEVER covered under a personal auto policy. If you or your student is thinking about performing any of these, please call us so we can discuss the options and limitations.

Your world and the insurance world are constantly changing. We want to make sure that we remind our clients when it is important to update their review of their insurance protection. If you want to discuss any of this further, please call your insurance advisor. Don’t’ have an insurance advisor? Please call us to discuss your questions. 610-933-4950.