Roadside Assistance vs AAA

Many of our clients ask whether they should purchase AAA or go with their auto insurance provider’s roadside assistance program. Many insurance companies including Travelers and Progressive offer affordable roadside programs, and they often cost much less money for nearly identical benefits. Both AAA and insurance company roadside assistance programs offer the following…

  • Towing or Flatbed services
  • Winching (for when a vehicle is off road and not accessible by a tow truck)
  • Providing jump start for a dead battery
  • Changing a flat tire
  • Key lock-out service
  • Delivering of supplies, including oil, water, other fluids and fuel.
  • Trip Interruption Coverage (not always available)

While all these features vary slightly between providers, they are all very similar. It is important to carefully review your options to see which features fit your needs best. Many people enjoy the additional discounts on travel, merchandise, and other added rewards and benefits of AAA; however, this comes at a much higher membership cost.  While AAA costs anywhere from $50 -$150 per year, Travelers Roadside Assistance costs $6 – $12 every six months. If the additional benefits provided by AAA are not of importance to you, we would recommend considering purchasing roadside assistance through your auto insurance at a much more affordable price.

Frees Insurance is more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding roadside assistance programs. Please give us a call at (610)933-4950 if we can be of assistance.