Insurance vs. Warranty - Auto

Your insurance covers a multitude of things. Unfortunately, it does not cover everything. Over the next few weeks, we are going to cover a series of things that are not covered by your home or auto insurance. This week is focused on auto.

General maintenance and wear and tear are never covered. They are especially not covered by your automobile insurance. Oil changes, tire rotations, new brake pads, new tires and new windshield wipers are just a few common maintenance items not covered. Unfortunately, this is not coverage that is easily acquired. Some new car companies offer a limited “service warranty” but this usually only applies to new cars and is for a limited period of time. Consumer Report posted a great article regarding extended car warranties ( While they are available, most of the time they are not worth their cost. You are better off saving the money and paying down the car loan or investing in more liability insurance to protect you and your other assets from our litigious society.
We can certainly address any specific questions you have about what is and is not covered by your auto insurance. While is does cover many things, it does not cover wear and tear or maintenance for your vehicle. Please reach out to us to discuss this further.