Are you sick of Deflate-gate yet?

Deflategate – Quite possibly the strangest scandal in NFL history. We all have learned far more than necessary about the rules and regulations regarding proper inflation and size of an official NFL game football. There seems to be confusion across the board about what to do and what really happened, since no one is accepting responsibility for the deflation. Whatever the results of deflategate, the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks are still meeting in Arizona to compete this weekend.

Superbowl weekend is usually a weekend of joining with friends and family to watch the nation’s best teams compete for the title. This weekend is filled with tasty snacks and some drinks (or more than some). We just want to remind everyone about a few important tips before partaking in the weekend’s festivities. Please make sure that your driveways and sidewalks are cleared of snow and ice. The weather in the past few days has left some slippery remnants that, if not properly taken care of, could lead to you or a guest slipping and falling. Another tip to always keep in mind is to designate a driver. We all have work on Monday morning and the last thing anyone wants is to be driving drunk on Sunday night. Always have a designated driver and always be safe.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the big game – and the commercials – and keep safe!