Home Insurance Issues Continued

Last week, I wrote about an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on some home insurance issues. The article by Jeff Gelles addressed a number of hot-button issues that policyholders need to pay attention to.

Last week’s topic was mold. The article goes on to review the following:

“What other water-related claims might leave me marooned? Beyond the catastrophes for which I know I need federal flood insurance? Rutger’s University’s Jay M. Feinman points me to Allstate’s exclusion for damage caused by an overflowing sump pump, a leak in a water supply line, or a landslide or sinkhole.”

“Water is our biggest headache. The insured MUST purchase separate coverage to secure protection from the back up of a sump pump, drain or sewer. The cost is relatively inexpensive, but make sure your insurance company knows that you have the exposure and discuss the best solution with them.”