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Broadway & Podcasts

If you’re looking for a different form of media entertainment and not your everyday primetime television, Netflix, or SNL, there are some new and exciting Broadway shows and podcasts on the horizon.

Some upcoming 2016 Broadway:


1. Hughie

Forest Whitaker is making his Broadway debut as a hustler in a version of Eugene O’Neill’s original drama (Starts Feb. 5th).

2. Nice Fish

A comedic play about two guys from Minnesota on an ice-fishing trip discussing life’s big questions (Starts Feb. 14th).

3. The Crucible

The classic Salem witch trials tale directed by Ivo van Hove (Feb. 29th).

4. Shuffle Along

A revival of the 1921 jazz musical staring six-time Tony-winner Audra McDonald (Starts March 14th).

5. American Psycho

A Broadway version of Bret Easton Ellis’ original novel scrutinizing American materialism (Starts March 24th).

6. Waitress

Musician Sara Bareilles (she sings “Brave”) makes her first Broadway appearance in a story about a young wife who takes up baking to escape an abusive marriage (Starts March 25th).



Popular podcasts for a road-trip or commute:


1. Mystery Show

This podcast by Starlee Kine is pretty much Law & Order in a  podcast formation but with non-violent mysteries.

2. Reply All

The interface between technology and humanity is explored in this podcast hosted by PJ Vogt & Alex Goldman.

3. The Allusionist

A linguistics podcast that is more exciting than the study of linguistics itself. It dives into modern topics like emojis and is hosted by Helen Zaltzman.