Personal Insurance

Automobile, home and liability are the common policies you may have. Personal can also refer to the type of professional service you expect and deserve from your insurance agent.

“You make it a point to understand my business, my lifestyle, and my long range plans, and then find the products that fit my needs…”

Steve R. from Berwyn, PA

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LKQ vs OEM Auto Parts

Ersatz. My 11th Grade English teacher would be so happy that I was finally able to use one of those SAT words. Ersatz means “… made as a substitute, typically, an inferior one.” You are probably asking yourself why an insurance blog is offering vocabulary advice. Actually, I wanted to use this as a way to start the conversation about how cars get repaired after an…


Non-Owned Auto Coverage

So, I don’t own a car. Do I still need coverage?

When you own a car and carry car insurance protection, the policy typically has two very important sections of coverage. The first is liability and physical damage. Liability protects you in the event you are sued by others for injuring them or damaging their property. Physical damage is also known as collision and…

Did You Know?

You can insure just about anything. This video explains Liability Umbrella insurance.

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