fred stoudt
Great service every time, been client since first car 62 years ago.
Chris Brower
This office has handled my insurance for years upon years. Both, home and auto. I have never had any issues with them, they truly are the best. I recently moved to VA and they hooked me up with a Travelers Ins agency where I now live. Again, they are the best.
Kelly Shumate
very helpful, excellent customer service! highly recommend 🙂
Elizabeth Grimshaw
I can count on Frees insurance to give prompt, well-researched service.
Bob Quigg
A great company, always available, able to talk to a knowledgeable, friendly representative. An absolute pleasure to deal with.
Bob Toff
Our family has been using Frees for almost 50 years. Always friendly, professional and responsive to our home and auto needs. To sum it up.... they're the best!!!
Vigorous Prana
I have been with Frees Insurance now for decades. Customer service like theirs just doesn't seem to exist elsewhere anymore.
Mark Recktenwald
Since 1981, through generations of the Frees Family, we have received high quality products, good pricing and most of all EXCELLENT Customer service.
Ryan W
Working with the Frees family is always a great experience. They have helped me countless times over the past 15+ years. Highly recommend Frees Insurance!!
kevlar kerry
Great agents. they have helped me out a lot over the years.

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