Frees Advice: Outdoors

Fall Foliage

Many consider fall the most incredible time of year. The summer heat is over, and the leaves are changing with the cool nights. Pennsylvania has some of the most beautiful shades of golden yellow, burnt orange, and deep red that can be seen for miles. In particular, Pennsylvania has one of the longest and most varied fall seasons of anywhere in the world.

With the first day of fall just a few days away and a plethora of pumpkin spice items already hitting store shelves, it’s nearly time to pull out the flannel and get started on those fun fall activities. Whether it’s just a walk in the park or a weekend getaway, this interactive foliage map will help you find the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of the autumn season.

Visit PA has a great list of Fall Festivals that are sure to get you outside and experiencing all things fall.

End of Summer Yard Care

It’s getting to be that time of year again. It’s starting to feel slightly cooler than 482 degrees outside. The grass is growing more slowly. The leaves are starting to change. The holidays are right around the corner. Yikes! Sorry to stress you out.

Here are a few tips to make sure your lawn is in tip-top shape next spring:

  • Aerate the soil – this allows oxygen, water and fertilizer to easily reach the grass’ roots. You can rent one for about $70 per day
  • Rake the leaves – don’t wait until all of the leaves have fallen to start raking. Get a head start once they start falling. It will be easier than doing it all at once and will make sure that the leaves do not build up and suffocate the grass
  • Fill in bald spots – this is the perfect time of year to fill in all those bald spots from where Fido went to the bathroom a few too many times.
  • Weed Control – weeds are looking to absorb energy to make sure they can return in the spring. They will suck up anything, including weed killer. Apply now so they do not return in the spring.

Enjoy these last few weeks of beautiful weather and use the cool temperatures to get out and make sure your lawn looks great for next season!