Commercial Property

Commercial property policy provides coverage for real and personal property that is used in a business. Protecting the insured’s real and business personal property must be a primary goal of any commercial insurance program. Regardless of the size of the business, tangible property usually represents a large portion of its total assets. As a result, it should always be reviewed and used for comparison when evaluating any commercial property coverage form. Evaluating the property that needs to be covered is just as important as how it is to be insured. A discussion about replacement cost or actual cash value, along with deciding on the coverage perils, is imperative.

Deciding the best way to cover commercial property is vital.  There is property that cannot move, like a building.  There is property that does not move, like the contents at an office.  There is property that is always moving, like a laptop.

These are complicated and complex issues that should be discussed in person.  Please contact us at 610-933-4950 for a complete review.