"Sell Only What You Need"

GEICO and Progressive spend a combined $1.5 billion a year on advertising. We have gecko lizards, cavemen, Flo, Jake, and now an emu as the pillars of these ad campaigns. One of the more confusing ones I have heard lately is a carrier that says “We will only sell you what you need.” I wish someone would tell me what that means. Is that like asking the barber if you need a haircut?

I have 39 years experience in the insurance world. Everyday I think I have seen and heard it all, until the next day. When I started in business, the concept of replacement cost for property was brand new. ID Theft had not even been contemplated in 1982. The insurance industry is dynamic, adjusting and adapting to the coverage concerns as society changes.

What you need today is not what you needed yesterday and certainly isn’t what you will need tomorrow. It is the job of your insurance professional to keep you apprised of the new offerings and balance that against your exposures AND your insurance budget. Insurance isn’t what you pay, it’s what you buy.

Having an insurance professional will help you understand the risks that exist and the best ways to handle the exposures. Frees Insurance provides an annual review, complete with the coverage options that are available and what coverage you currently maintain. If you have any questions, or wish to discuss any aspect of your coverage, please give us a call at 610-933-4950.