The Trouble With Passwords...

I remember my best friend Butch’s home phone number from when I was eight. I remember my wedding anniversary and my children’s dates of birth. I cannot ever keep track of my passwords and user names. My solution? A password app on my phone. In fact, I make that app available to everyone in my office and in my family.

In addition, we all use the same family passwords to access phones. Why?

In insurance, we deal with the worst case scenarios all the time. What if you need to access banking records, your phone plan, or other electronic portals like credit cards? When my mother passed suddenly, we were unable to access her laptop or phone which meant we couldn’t get to her online banking, credit card statements, and all sorts of other portals. I thought my mom was “old school” and she would have at least written them down if she didn’t have a management app, but no such luck. She was so “old school” she just kept the information in her head.

Be sure to create a family system for password and user name storage. Make sure someone knows how to access your electronic information. You don’t need to show everyone every detail of your life, but make sure they know how to access your information if you cannot help in the process.