Phone A Friend: Joan Cadigan

“Phone A Friend” is a series that highlights friends and leaders of the Phoenixville community. Our phones have become part of our identities, so we got an inside look as to how these people utilize their phones in and out of the office. This week, Frees Insurance is highlighting Joan Cadigan. Joan is the Executive Director of the Phoenixville Community Education Foundation. PCEF’s mission is “to secure and provide resources that enhance the overall educational experience within the Phoenixville Area School District, including learning initiatives, preparedness programs and out of the classroom activities.”

Let’s Phone A Friend…

Tell us about yourself:

I have been the Executive Director of PCEF for 2 years and prior to that I was a board member.  PCEF supports education in our public schools by funding a variety of programs from academics, to extracurriculars, to financial assistance. I often say I have the best job in the world – raising money for children’s education!  In the past I have been a commercial lender and worked in accounting. My husband, Robb, and I love living in Phoenixville and enjoying The Colonial Theatre, Steel City and all the great restaurants in town.  We have two children, Ryan who is in grad school at the Univ of Cincinnati and Caroline, who is at Ursinus.  We also have two dogs, Scout and Shadow.

What is your most-used app?
Mail – I have 4 different email addresses so it is great to be able to check them all in one place

App you wish someone would invent:
An app that tells me what to wear each day – what goes together, will be comfortable and weather-appropriate and also knows what items are currently clean and in my closet.

Favorite new app?
A tie between Duolingo – I am learning Spanish (9% fluent!) and OurGroceries – my colleague Sharon Bauer introduced this one to me. Everyone in the family can add items to the grocery list thru this app so that when I am at the grocery store I don’t have to remember a piece of paper.   

Most recent Uber ride?
Ummm . . .I’ve never Uber-ed.  Doesn’t it go against everything your mom told you growing up?  “Never get into a car with a stranger!!”?

Last app checked at night:

Siri user?
Oh yes – “Siri, set a timer for 10 minutes.”  “Siri, add ‘get car inspected’ to my To Do list”

Cities listed on your weather app:
Phoenixville PA
Cincinnati OH
Surf City NJ

App/Game you wish you could delete?
Boggle – my daughter wins 95% of our matches even though I clearly should know more words.

Favorite Instagram user?
I mostly just follow high school and college friends.  Apparently I’m using Instagram all wrong, according to my daughter.

Favorite fitness app?
Whole Life Challenge

Number of unread emails:
None.  But I do reset many to “Unread” so I don’t forget to act on them.  Hmmm . . .there’s probably a better app for that.

Favorite song right now:
I’m enjoying Phoenixville’s own Cliff Hillis’ EP “Many Happy Returns”

Best productivity app:
Definitely not Pinterest.  That’s like an anti-productivity app for me.  For productivity, iCal is helpful to manage my personal and business calendars and let family and colleagues see my schedule.

Most used emoji(s):
Smiley Face
Thumbs Up
All the food emoji

Visit PCEF at to learn more about their programs benefiting students in the Phoenixville area. 

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