Phone A Friend: Lara Lorenzi

“Phone A Friend” highlights friends and leaders of the Phoenixville community. Our phones have become part of our identities, so we got an inside look as to how these people utilize their phones in and out of the office. This week, Frees Insurance is highlighting Executive Director of the Phoenixville Library, Lara Lorenzi.

Let’s Phone A Friend…

What is your most-used app?
Facebook or the camera ( is this an app or a function?) I’m so sad already.

Most essential app while traveling:
White noise/sound machine app

Craziest place you ever lost or left your phone?
I’ve never lost my cell phone.

Favorite new app?
Amazon Alexa

Most recent Uber ride?
To the Wells Fargo center in Philly and back to our hotel Club Quarters above Davio’s.
We went to see the Game of Thrones live concert event.

Last app checked at night:

Siri user? Most common command?
Nope have an android, we use Alexia at home: I’m always asking her to turn on the lights or what the weather is for the day.

Cities listed on your weather app:
Narberth, PA
Phoenixville, PA
Little Falls, NY
Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Philadelphia, PA

Alarm settings:
5:30am Monday through Friday

App/Game you wish you could delete?
NFL Mobile

Favorite Instagram user?
Not on Instagram, but it would totally be Lauren Coy

Favorite Twitter user?
Not on Twitter either, would be the Phoenixville Public Library or Lauren Coy

Favorite fitness app?
What’s fitness? I haven’t worked out in over 4 years, so I don’t have an app for that.

Number of unread emails:
Yahoo: More than 100
Gmail: More than 100
Work: none

Favorite song right now:
Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis or Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz) by Laurie Berkner

Best productivity app:
What does this mean? Guess that would mean I don’t have one.

What’s your phone case?
Fake wood grain and black

Favorite emoji(s):
Winking face
Sad/disappointed face
Hand gestures
Wine glass

Netflix/Hulu recommendations?
Netflix: The Fall, Bloodline, Narcos, The Crown, Penny Dreadful, Marco Polo
Hulu: Handmaid’s Tale
Amazon Prime: Vikings

The Phoenixville library is located at 183 2nd Ave. If you would like more information about the services that the Phoenixville public Library offers, or if you would like to support the library, please click here.