Phone A Friend: Lauren Coy

Frees Insurance is happy to introduce “Phone A Friend.” This series highlights friends and leaders of the Phoenixville community. Our phones have become part of our identities, so we got an inside look as to how these people utilize their phones in and out of the office.

Lauren Coy is the Director of Development for the Phoenixville Public Library. Most recently, she played an instrumental role in the Phoenixville Beer & Wine Festival, benefiting the Phoenixville Public Library.

Let’s Phone A Friend…

What is your most-used app?

Most essential app while traveling:
DuoLingo and AroundMe

Craziest place you ever lost or left your phone?
Nowhere. I’d be lost without it.

App you wish someone would invent?
Best books to read to match your mood

Favorite new app?
KEEP – the best variety of things to shop for and it alerts you when your wish list items are on sale.

Most recent Uber ride?
To Ardmore train station, to take the train to NYC.

Last app checked at night:
Twitter, always and forever.

Siri user? Most common command?
Yes, as I usually inquire about the weather and directions.

Cities listed on your weather app:
Phoenixville, Ocean City, NJ and Paris

Alarm settings:
Monday – Friday: 6:07am. No alarm for the weekend because why bother?

App/Game you wish you could delete?
I love deleting apps I no longer use.

Favorite Instagram user?
Actress Retta – @unforettable

Favorite Twitter user?
Writer Lauren Duca – @laurenduca

Favorite fitness app?
PocketYoga or My Fitness Pal

Number of unread emails:
Zero. I’d be far too stressed to not check and clear out daily.

Favorite song right now:
“HUMBLE” by Kendrick Lamar

Best productivity app:
None, because I use my handwritten lists.

What’s your phone case?
That’s Bananas case by Kate Spade

Favorite emoji(s):
Big grin, wink face, salsa dancer, wine glass

Favorite podcast:
‘My Favorite Murder’ or ‘Pod Save America’

Netflix/Hulu recommendations?
Netflix: The 13th, Master of None, Grace and Frankie; Hulu: The Handmaid’s Tale, Seinfeld


If you would like more information about the services that the Phoenixville public Library offers, or if you would like to support the library, please click here.