Insurance vs. Warranty – Home

I have been spending a lot of time in the car lately. Listening to terrestrial radio gives you the opportunity to hear all sorts of ads for all sorts of crazy things. The one that recently caught my attention was the ad for the Home Warranty. It started out by indicating that your home insurance takes care of things like a zombie apocalypse or an earthquake, but not a broken heater. You shouldn’t believe everything that you hear…or read. (Most home policies do not automatically provide earthquake coverage and what exactly is a zombie apocalypse?)

Home insurance is insurance. It is NOT a warranty. Your home insurance was not designed to handle the mechanical failure of a device. Just like your car insurance will not pay to fix your car’s transmission if it just breaks, your home insurance will NOT pay for mechanical failures of ANY system. If you need a new roof because the roof you have is old? Home insurance does not pay for that. Need a new paint job? Home insurance does not pay for that. Need to take down a tree so it doesn’t fall on your house? Home insurance will NOT pay for that.

Stay tuned for more items that are not covered under both your home and car insurance…

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