Differentiation from Internet Insurance Marketers

In today’s age of technology and internet growth, it’s easier than ever to purchase insurance online. Advertising a local insurance agency today includes having a media platform, but it’s also important to communicate the benefits of a local business as compared to large internet insurance companies to clientele as well. Successful competitive selling requires three components: knowledge, self-assurance, and effective marketing.


First, offer desirable discounts not just at the point of writing a policy, but continually during renewal periods. Providing periodic policy reviews either face-to-face, over the phone, or through a letter may help distinguish a local provider from internet companies. Consider advertising intelligent insurance options and counseling as “free” agency services as well. Another interesting strategy includes assigning clients with one agency contact as opposed to the, “first-available representative” approach from internet marketers and cable companies. Hosting in-house events such as policy savings classes, teen driver or retirement seminars, and policy organization sessions will help demonstrate your business’ connection to the community. Lastly, it’s important to develop a brand for your agency that’s distinct from internet companies. Build your image though online and offline platforms with all target audiences.

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