5 Most Common Causes of Home Insurance Claims


According to Insurance Business America magazine, “Weather incidents were the most common causes of homeowners losses in the past six years….” The article reports the five most common causes of home claims since 2009 were:
  1. Exterior wind damage – 25% of all losses
  2. Non-weather related damage (plumbing or appliance issues) – 19%
  3. Hail – 15%
  4. Weather related damage (rain, melting ice, snow)- 11%
  5. Theft – 6%
“Any number of things can go wrong with a home, and it is impossible to predict them all.” said Pat Gee, senior vice-president of personal insurance claims with Travelers. “But if consumers focus on these particularly common risks and take preventative steps and perform routine maintenance, it may help lessen the likelihood of damage.”