Changes in Office Operations and Unlimited Vacation Time

I started working full time on June 4th 1984. My how things have changed since that time. We had manual typewriters, not fax machine, and no voice mail. I received one week’s vacation and no sick days. The office was open on Saturday mornings and we maintained evening hours.

 Fast forward almost 32 years and nothing is the same. We have very little paper in our office. Technology is used in every aspect of what we do. We I arrived, the office collectively spent over 200 hours of time handling the needs of clients. Today, the volume of business has grown by 300% and the collective time involved is 130 hours a week.


The latest trend in business? Unlimited vacation time. Many of the tech companies, like Netflix, and some mainstream companies like General Electric, have implemented unlimited vacation time. The expectation is that you meet your goals and in exchange there is no tracking of your time off.


“Our employees should be invested in the company’s and their best interest.” Says Hired’s co-founder, Misckiewicz. “They don’t want to be micro-managed, they want to be empowered. We think that talking time off is important….”


 Gone are the days of 9 to 5 office hours. Thoughts?