Reporting an accident. What information do I need?

What should you do if you get in a car accident? It’s not something that’s fun to think about, but it’s something most people will have to deal with during their lives at some point. It’s crucial to know what important information is needed, especially if it becomes a sticky situation. Whether you have been hit, hit someone else, or have been in some other type of accident, always remember these few things:

  • If you are not injured, check to see if the other people involved are okay
  • Call 911. This is important if someone has gotten hurt or if there is serious damage and disputes about who was at fault. If the police can’t get there in time, or the accident is very minor, then do not forget the next few steps.
  • Exchange insurance information. This includes the other person’s insurance carrier, policy number, as well as the name and phone number of their agent.
  • Always note the date, time, and exact location of the accident.
  • Get the driver’s name, vehicle owner’s name, owner’s address, owner’s phone number, and year/make/model of other vehicle.
  • If there are witnesses at the scene, note their names and phone numbers.
  • If police arrive, note the officer’s name and phone number.
  • Try and take pictures of the scene and specific car damage.
If you would like auto loss reporting forms to keep in your car, please give us a call and we will send them out to you. Remember, the more information you obtain, the easier it will be for us to help you get your claim established and settled.

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