Are you insured while riding your bike?

       We recently wrote a post about bicycle safety. An article in the latest edition of Insight & Analysis for the Independent Agent discussed an important topic regarding bicycles and hit-and-run drivers. If a hit-and-run were to occur a bicyclist could have a total bike loss. This means losing up to thousands of dollars and potentially facing serious injuries. Some bicyclists wear cameras (like GoPros), but many do not. Typically, without a witness or any video evidence, a hit-and-run driver can be nearly impossible to catch. Your average homeowner’s policy may not cover bicycle damage away from home and you should talk with your insurance professional coverage under your car insurance while riding your bike.

If it is necessary, separate bicycle insurance is available for moderate to high-end bicycle owners to avoid potential gaps in coverage.

This separate coverage can include…

-Vehicle contact protection like protection for uninsured and underinsured motorists

-Liability primary coverage

-Rental reimbursement

-Theft (away from home)

-Replacement cost for physical damage

-Spare parts coverage

-Medical payments

-Deductibles as low as $100

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