WebMD and the insurance world

Several weeks ago I wrote about the messages that insurance companies are trying to convey in the marketing space. Easier. Cheaper. Faster. Few advertise getting the right coverage. Fewer still recommend contacting an independent insurance agent for a consultation.

I have an older customer. He refers to the internet as the “internet machine.” The internet can help you understand concepts and make you a very informed consumer. Our best customer? One who understand the pitfalls of not having accurate coverage. Being informed allows us to spend time further educating the customer of the complex series of choices available.

WebMD has a section on their web page that states “This site does not provide medical advice.” I believe sites such as these are meant to inform and educate, but ultimately, the reader needs to consult licensed practitioners to seek a remedy, cure, or determine a path forward. I strongly encourage the insurance buying public to do the same. Educate yourselves and locate an insurance professional to finalize your insurance protection.