Best and worst TV insurance commercials

Another guest appears from our summer intern…

     Insurance advertisements, in my opinion, are one of the most reliable forms of entertainment in the television commercial world. The year of 2015 has introduced some interesting insurance commercials so far. Some have had the actual ability to make me laugh. Others have either creeped me out or are just straight up weird.

     My two least favorite commercials from this year include the 2015 Superbowl Nationwide commercial and one of The General’s commercials. The Nationwide  commercial takes place in the perspective of a little boy who has died in an accident and describes all of the life experiences he’ll miss out on. It’s just a little too dark for a time where people are expecting funny commercials. I bet the Seahawks would agree this morbid message only added to the tragic events that occurred during the Superbowl. Better luck next time, Nationwide (or Seattle for that matter).

     The General’s commercial involves a couple walking into their neighbors’ house and finding them wearing army helmets because they saved money with the General. This is slightly comical, but in a this-is-really-awkward sort of way. It’s also campaigning for buying insurance online and saving time when you could just get real insurance advice from a real person instead.

     My two favorite commercials from this year are from Travelers and Aflac. The Travelers commercial involves a father helping his daughter throughout different stages of life. It starts with the little girl falling off her bike, then moving to college, and eventually getting married. It’s a “happy” kind of sad and extremely relatable to all families. Lastly, I love the Aflac commercial where the duck is doing yoga. It brings back memories of those times where you’re supposed to be quiet but burst out laughing, and it’s funny while still getting the message across.

     Flo and the Caveman are pretty great too. I wonder what they’ll have in store for us next year.