It's official. The back-to-school commercials have started. Summer is over.

It is that time of year. Time to buy school supplies, new clothes, squeeze in those last few days of vacation and get ready for the end of summer. The back-to-school challenges of making lunches and getting to the bus stop on time can always be challenging, but what about those heading off to college?

There are some very strict limitations for coverage if your child is renting an apartment as opposed to staying in the college sponsored housing. If they are in an apartment, you should consider buying renters insurance to protect their belongings. Renters insurance also provides vital liability coverage in the event they injure someone or cause damage to their apartment.

People tell me that they don’t worry about whether their “stuff” is insured. I couldn’t agree more. But what protection will you have if you child walks out into their living room after a party and someone has been over-served and they are in need of serious medical attention, or worse? What if they are sued for posting a photo of a friend that prevents the friend from getting an internship or a job? Make sure the policy includes Personal Injury protection. This affords coverage for invasion of privacy.

Be sure that you understand the exposure. Spend the $125 for the highest level of liability coverage you can afford. It would pay if you did something wrong