"What Do You Mean It's Not Covered?"

Everyone who has ever had ANY type of insurance has asked that question at least once. So while lightning never strikes twice, with more than 20 million cloud-to-ground strikes in the United States every year, it doesn’t have to in order to affect your home or business. Your home or business electronics could be damaged by power surges caused by lightning strikes miles away from your workplace. Without the proper coverage and protection, you could be the responsible for the repairs.

A typical power surge can send 500 to 1000 volts through any cable, line or wire that connects your equipment to the outside world. These and other power fluctuations can disrupt software, delete data, and destroy circuitry meant to handle a mere 120 volts. This can mean downtime and lost income for your business, or missing game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals.


There are a few lines of defense you can take at your home and business against power surges:



Use and understand surge protection devices. Point-of-use surge protectors provide a valuable line of defense for your equipment, but they have limitations. After absorbing a few significant hits, these devices can wear out, leaving your equipment to bear the full brunt of the next surge. Be sure to read each unit’s instructions in full.



Install a main service panel suppressor. While they have their place, surge protectors are no replacement for a heavy-duty surge suppressor at your main service panel. Service panel surge suppressors are designed to deal with large transient voltages as they enter your building, lessening the impact on surge protectors and business equipment down the line. These suppressors must be installed by a licensed electrician and inspected periodically.



Invest in equipment breakdown insurance. We can recommend additions to your coverage that will protect you against damage caused by power fluctuations. Equipment breakdown insurance, for example, can cover the cost to repair or replace the equipment your business relies on and keep your business running smoothly.


Give us a call today to discuss this coverage for your home or business to make sure the coming summer storms do not get the best of you and your technology.