“It’s a dog eat dog world and I’m wearing milk bone underwear.” Norm Peterson

Your home insurance coverage provides liability coverage. It provides coverage for damaging property and hurting people. The most common event that occurs that gets people sued is the “trip and fall.” This happens with uneven sidewalks or unshoveled snow. The second most common liability event? A dog bite.

 Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend. We have a very simple arrangement with pets, especially dogs. We take care of you and in exchange, please don’t bite us. While most people can grasp that concept, it is harder to get the dog to agree.

 Sadly, our family experienced an event that involved our dog biting one of us. Fortunately, it was one of us. Had it been someone else, it may have turned into a lawsuit. Having liability coverage provides a legal defense and would also pay up to the limit of coverage carried. But what if you have only $300,000 of coverage and you receive a judgement against you for $1 million?

Everyone has what I call a liability “foot print.” Liability is where and how you come in contact with the world. Own a house or rent an apartment? You have a premises exposure. Drive a car? You have automobile liability coverage. Have a dog? This liability coverage would be provided by your home or renters coverage.

Each additional place in which you come in contact with the world requires a review to make certain that you have as much liability coverage as you can afford. If you were sued for $1 million, how much would you want the insurance company to pay?

You never plan accidents and you never know when a dog will bite. Do you have the appropriate coverage to handle such a thing? Call your insurance professional. Don’t have an insurance professional? Call us at 610-933-4950.