Drone Liability Coverage

Amazon wants to use these to get you stuff faster. Action News has a new one. The FAA has all sorts of rules for flying them, but what does your home insurance do to provide protection for you? Before you fly your drone, or let your kids fly your drone, make sure you reach out to your home insurance carrier to see if you have liability coverage in the event the drone crashes into something, or worse yet, someone.

In most cases, “Aircraft liability” is EXCLUDED under most home insurance policies. There is some language that may be a coverage give back. Below is the verbiage from a common policy.

Aircraft means any contrivance used or

designed for flight, except model or

hobby aircraft not used or designed to

carry people or cargo;

Please do not ever assume that you have coverage. Take time to review all your hobbies and “toys” with your insurance professional. Don’t have access to an insurance professional? Please call us at 610-933-4950.