“Lee Harvey, you mad man….” John Winger

Insurance is sooo boring. Every now and then, I feel the need to break free and address some issues that confound me. Like Lee Harvey stealing that cow, and his friend trying to make it with that cow, I thought I’d spend just a few moments of the things I have recently noticed that make NO sense.

 Why don’t people put house numbers on their mail boxes or front doors? If I needed emergency assistance, I would want the first responders to be able to locate me quickly.

What is so important that you need to be on your phone while in the grocery store? I am not worried about the person asking whether they need 12 ounces or 16 ounces of sauce. I am worried about the person having a deeply personal conversation while I try to pick out my yogurt.

My pet peeve is not using turn signals. Someone went to a lot of trouble to design this device. How hard is it to use this very simple device? Have we, as a society, given up on affording our neighbors and fellow drivers a simple courtesy?

My thoughts? Spend a couple of bucks and buy house numbers. Turn off the phone, and please, use your turn signal.