Spring Maintenance or How I learned to love my lawn mower…

With my apologies to Dr. Strangelove, I thought this would be a great time to spend some time on a few tips for making sure that your home is ready for the warmer months. It is time to put away your snow shovel and break out the lawn mower. Make sure you have it serviced and please dispose of the motor oil properly. Questions about what to do with the oil? Check with the service station that inspects your car. They may have a collection process.

Take a walk around your house. The winter weather has been hard on buildings and sidewalks. Do you have loose shingles that will blow away in a strong thunderstorm? It is easier to fix them now. Did the freeze/that heave sections of your sidewalk? Use some blacktop to smooth out any uneven surfaces to prevent someone from tripping and falling.

Fortunately, we can put away our jackets and sweaters. It should only be a few weeks before we start complaining about the heat.