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Renting for the papal Visit or Democratic National Convention?

Southeastern Pennsylvania and Philadelphia are in for some very exciting events in the year ahead. Between the visit from the Pope and the Democratic National Convention, there will be millions of people coming to our little part of the world. There are not enough hotel rooms, so what about renting our your house to visitors or even participating in AirBNB?

This poses some very unusual potential insurance issues.

Before you sign the lease or put your home out on the net, be sure to contact your insurance professional to explore what the implications are to your insurance coverage. Do you have enough liability coverage if someone falls and sues you? What if the contents of your home are stolen or damaged? Some carriers exclude this sort of potential exposure completely.

Don’t assume you have coverage for any aspect of your life. If you are concerned, or just curious, about possible coverage gaps, call your insurance professional. Need an insurance professional,?Call us at 610-933-4950.

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